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2008 Annual Meeting

Addison County Maple Sugarmakers Association

March 2008

Annual Meeting Summary

sugarer graphic

Almost 90 people came out to enjoy a wonderful meal, good conversation and a good presentation by Bill Clark, Past President of VSMSA. Thanks to all that could make it for the evening.

A few points that Bill brought up that may be of interest:

Notes from VSMSA directors meeting:

Other notes from the Annual Meeting:

Contact Sheila if you would like to show off your skills in the kitchen or any other maple related talents.

Goings On from the Annual Meeting

Maple Festival
The Maple Festival will be April 25-27th in St. Albans. And the Festival organizers remind everyone that there is plenty of time to cook up something sweet for the cooking contest. Also don't forget to submit your best of the crop this year to be judged. Pint entrees can be of any grade (VT Fancy, Medium Amber, Dark Amber, VT B) or any other pure maple products—candy, cream, indian sugar, etc. Please visit www.vtmaplefestival.org for more details.

Maple King & Queen applications are also being accepted up until April 18th with the crowning at the Maple Festival. Contact Pauline Couture, Chair, at 802-744-2733 for an application.

VPT Cooks
A great way to connect Sugarmakers with Vermont Public Television. This year the cooking show aired on March 9th and 12th and it was a sellout for the maple baskets at the highest donation level. The final tally was 64 baskets. 14 over what was committed by participants. A special thank-you to Cindy Myrick for the maple jelly, Pat Rainville for the hand-painted magnets and the Lockharts and Bruce Martell for coordinating it all.

VT Ag Dept. Website
The State Ag. Dept. is working on their website to better promote all maple businesses. If you haven't received a form in the mail to get listed please contact the Ag. Dept at 802-828-0389.

Hall Of Fame Inductee
Congratulations to Don Dolliver, the 2008 inductee to the Addison County Sugarmakers Hall of Fame. Other honorees receiving their awards during the Annual Meeting were Emma Lou Craig and Ken Button.

Other Happenings

The Maple Forecast for '08

The Big E
Sheila Masterson will be co-manager with Mary Croft this year. They are looking for syrup and workers. The Big E runs from September 12-28 and VT Day is the 20th.

Contact Sheila if you are interested in either or both at 453-7155.

French Heritage Day
Saturday, July 16, in Vergennes, is a wonderful opportunity to share maple with visitors. The day consists of French performers, narrated walking tours of Vergennes in French and English, traditional crafts demonstrations, and farmer's market. If you are interested in learning more or selling your maple products—syrup, cream, candy, whatever please contact Marguerite Senecal at the Chamber of Commerce office at 388-7951.

Maple Promotion at Snow Bowl
On February 23, Addison County Sugarmakers sponsored maple promotion at the Snow Bowl. Skiers sampled cotton candy and maple cream on donuts or crackers. We have participated in this event for several years and it is always received well by the skiers.

ACMSA Website
We have our very own website now. You can find us at www.AddisonCountyVTMaple.org. If there is anyone that wishes to help maintain the site please contact me (Barb) and I can let you know the passwords to get access to the pages. Hopefully, the site will be one more way that we can reach customers to sell product and to educate.

VT Life Ad
The County Association took out an ad in VT Life to take advantage of the State Ag Dept program. We are advertising for folks to come to Field Days and sample our maple products.

Recycling Your Tubing
Don Gale is looking into recycling some not wanted sugaring plastic. If you are interested in learning or have a bunch of tubing, fittings, main line, etc. that can be recycled please contact Don at 453-2785 or sgrmaker@yahoo.com. He is compiling a list of names of the sugarmakers who have contacted him and he is hoping that with the list we can convince the producers to consider the idea.

Buy, Sell, Swap or Trade
For sale: LEADER forced draft unit with grates, good for 5' or 6' wide evaporator. $1000.00 OBO. (802)434-5353 —Steve Willsey

For Free: I have 1,200 old drops (5/16" Ts, vinyl tubing and health spouts) for free. They are used but the fittings could be salvageable if someone wants to cut them apart. —Richard Faesy 434-4254

New Director
The ACSMA welcomes Don Gale as our newest board member. Don Gale will serve until '11 and can be reached at 453-2785 or e-mailed at sgrmaker@yahoo.com. Don lives in Lincoln. Mike Christain's term was "re-upped" until '11 at the Annunal Meeting. For a list of all County and State Directors see the list within this newsletter.

Directors Meeting

The meeting will be either the 28th or the 29th of April (Monday or Tuesday), please let me know which day works best so we can get as many people there as possible.

Rough Agenda


Don't forget to renew your membership to the State Association. A lot of helpful information is available along with some discounts and exclusive offers.

Operation Maple Sweetness will be collecting gallons of syrup again this year for our Troops overseas. If you would like to donate a gallon please drop it off at Moe Rheaume's store on Route & South or at Maple Landmark. Donations will be accepted until April 30th.

Directors List for 2008:


Moe Rheaume, President
Rheaume & Sons
393 Blake Roy Rd.
Middlebury, VT 05753
388-3009 (w) 388-4815 (h)

Andy Hutchison, Vice-Pres.
Mt. Pleasant Sugarworks
1627 Shackett Rd.
Leicester, VT 05733

Barbara Rainville, Sec/Treas.
Airy Glen Sugarworks
598 Browns Road
Lincoln, VT 05443
453-5797 (h) 388-0627 (w)


Mike Christian '11
Village Sugarworks
505 Main St.
Orwell, VT 05403

Don Dolliver '10
Brown Hill Sugarworks
1027 Big Hollow Rd.
Starksboro, VT 05487 453-3794

Gerald Masterson '10
282 Masterson Rd
Lincoln, VT 05443

Jim Rowe '09
Mountainside Maple
7926 Main Rd.
Huntington, VT 05462

Don Gale '11
Twin Maple Sugarworks
88 W River Rd
Lincoln, VT 05443

Dave Wetmore '09
Traditionally Vermont Maple
2757 S. Lincoln Rd.
Lincoln, VT 05443

Elected Directors to VMSMA

Don Dolliver '09
Brown Hill Sugarworks
1027 Big Hollow Rd.
Starksboro, VT 05487

David Folino '10
Hillsboro Sugarworks
270 Rounds Road
Bristol, VT 05443
453-5462 dffolino@gmavt.net

Don Gale, Alternate '09

If you are interesting in service as a director either for the County or the State please do not hesitate to contact a current director. No Experience Necessary! Andy Many Hands Make Light Work!