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NEWSLETTER • December 2008

Field Days 2008

It rained and then it rained and then it rained some more. Though very much like Field Days of old the bottom line was right in line with the last few years. Our income was $21,542.00 and expenses were $15,551.00. We did raise prices which made up for the lack of attendance.

A huge THANK-YOU to all that helped out, submitted entries, or just gave moral support!

recycling symbol

Recycling of Old Tubing

Don Gale has been working with Casella to find ways to recycle the old tubing. Not only is recycling the "in thing to do" but it will help to "green up" our woods and continue to keep the image positive for sugarmakers.

In an effort to keep this program moving forward Don is asking folks to bring samples of your old tubing/fittings/mainline/what have you to the January Maple School. Casella needs to have as many different plastic samples as possible to help determine the best market for them. Since a cross section is needed your samples should not be more than what will fit in a store shopping bag. If possible label your samples with approximate age and brand. Call Don with questions.

Mark your Calendar for Several Upcoming Events!

January Maple School

January 24th (Saturday), Middlebury Union High School
Sponsored in part by National Bank of Middlebury

Please refer to the linked registration form (PDF) for all the information.

If you are interested in helping to get set-up or torn down before or after the event please contact any of the following folks for more information about times, etc...MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK!

This event is an important event for Vermont Sugarmakers and the Addison County Sugarmakers Association. The Board has worked hard create an interesting program and keep the cost down for all participants.

If you are interested in exhibiting or sponsoring at the School but haven't been contacted yet please contact Barb for the information and the exhibitor/sponsor form.

The County Association has also made arrangements to offer a 50# bag of Filter Aid for $27.00. See the registration form for more information.

Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting has been tentatively scheduled for the second week in February, possibly the 12th, at the Middlebury Legion. Please look out for more information as the date gets closer.

We will be awarding the 2008 $500 Addison County Sugarmakers Association Scholarship at the Annual Meeting. 2009 applications for a $500 scholarship for students with an interest in promoting the maple industry, entering the maple industry, or any related agriculture career will be accepted later in the Spring. If you know of any young person that is might be interested in this scholarship please contact Moe Rheaume or Barb Rainville and we can get an application to them.

Governor's Tree Tapping

With the help of Middlebury College, the Addison Country Sugarmakers will be hosting the Governor's Tree Tapping on March 6th (Friday) in the Morning. There will be exhibits, demonstrations, and other presentations. If you are interested in participating/helping please let one of the directors a call. There will be more information forthcoming.


Looking way ahead, Addison County will be hosting Maplerama in 2011. Put your thinking caps on for new and interesting programs or ideas to share.

swap icon

Buy, Sell, Swap, Trade

If you have anything that you want to buy, sell, swap or trade bring your information written up on a 3" x 5" card and post it on a board that will be available at the Maple School. As always, I am happy to e-mail the membership with items at anytime during the year.


piggy bank

We are in great shape! We are current with all our expenses and we hope to be able to break even on the Maple School with LOTS of attendees. We have alittle more than $10,000 in our checking account and have invested $20,000 for future projects like the Governors Tree Tapping and Maplerama. If you have any suggestions on how to use the money to benefit the Association membership, let us know!


Addison County Sugarmakers Association dues are still ONLY $5. Many of you have already paid for 2009, if not use the Maple School form to pay them. If you will receive your cards at Maple School, the Annual Meeting or I will mail them to you.