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NEWSLETTER • April 2009

Looking Back

Annual Meeting—Ed Peet made the motion and Bruce Martell seconded that the slate of officers be Moe, Barb and Andy for President, Sec/Treasurer and VP respectively and Bill Scott be nominated to the Board of Directors. All elected unanimously. Check out the end of the newsletter for all of the director's information.

Dave Folino reported from the State Director's Meeting. Points brought up at the meeting 1) galvanized barrels will no longer be used to sell bulk to the packers so everyone should have a plan to switch by the 2012 season. 2) the stainless steel barrels that the State Assoc. is offering are being tested before they go on sale. 3) a plan to open up State lands for tapping has been developed and finally 4) in the light of recalls and food recalls the Association continues to seriously consider a program of registration of sugaring operations.

Dave also commented on Tim Wilmot's report of maple schools and as usual Addison County had good attendance and a good program. Contact Dave Folino, Don Dolliver or Don Gale to chat about your concerns.

The members voted to allow the Treasurer to invest some of our money from a money market into a better interest rate CD's. Banks to consider were the National Bank of Middlebury, VT Federal Credit Union, and Orwell Bank for the best rates. Three CD's were ultimately bought an 11 month for 2.35% for $10,000 and a 17 month for 2.50% for $5,000 at the National Bank of Middlebury. A 12 month for 2.15% for $5,000 at the VT Federal Credit Union.

As of the end of April, we have about $3,000 left in our money market account plus our checking account at about $3,000 as well. Outstanding income from Creative Labels ($50) from January Maple School and an outstanding bill from Middlebury College from the Gov. Tree Tapping.

Also at the Annual Meeting, a $500 scholarship was awarded to Charlie Laduc of Orwell. We had several applicants this year and hope to again have many qualified applicants. Please share the application information (in this packet) with anyone that you think qualifies.

Our 2009 Maple School finished about $300 in the black. The State Association received a grant for the Maple Schools and we received 1/3 of the grant money to help cover the costs. So all in all it was a very successful school. Suggestions for making the next school better are always welcome, just contact a director. Next years' January Maple School will most likely be held again at Middlebury Union High School, the tentative date is Saturday, January 16th.

Field Days—August 4-8

Managers—Barb has agreed to manage Field Days again this year. And Sheila will be putting together the demonstration schedule. If you are interested in helping out please contact Barb or Sheila. And be on the lookout for sign up in July.

Buying syrup—Be thinking about selling your syrup to Field Days. The prices will be set as we get closer to Field Days. We hope to again be competitive in our pricing.

Updating images—The photo albums at Field Days are getting old and it's time to get them updated. Please e-mail your image to rainvb@wcvt.com or Heather Seeley at hseeley@sover.net. Make sure you give us the town where your sugarhouse is located. If you can't e-mail it then mail it to Barb. We have received a few but now is the time before the sugarhouse is closed for the year.

Operation Vermont Maple Sweetness

Again this year, the Vermont Association is collecting syrup for the Troops. We were fortunate to have a good season so if you have a gallon to share please drop if off to Moe or Barb by MAY 8TH.


Mark your calendars! The 2009 edition of Maplerama will be held in Bennington on July 25-26. This year, Maplerama will incorporate more retail opportunities. Visit www.shiresmaple.com for more information, pre-Mainline.

Chamber News

Chamber Flier—The 2009 Addison County Sugarmakers flier is complete and will be included in all Addison County Chamber inquiries until next season.

French Heritage Day—July 17-18 in Vergennes. We have been asked again to represent the maple industry at this event. If you are interested in participating selling, demoing, or sharing maple with the event goers, please contact Moe or Barb or the Addison County Chamber Office at 388-7951.