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Newsletter • July 2010

Field Days: August 10th-14th

It's right around the corner!!! Please take a moment to fill out the enclosed sign-up sheet. Remember, you get a coupon for a meal for every shift you work, plus for every 2 shifts you work you get a free t-shirt!

This year promises to be very hectic as Barb and Andrew will not be there on Friday or Saturday. PLEASE step up and make this a great event as always!

If you have a bit of time to make some calls and ask for helpers to be sure our schedule is full let Barb know at 453-5797.

Buying syrup—Time to sell some syrup to the Association! We are looking for Fancy, Medium Amber, Dark Amber, Grade B and for the Cremees some good flavor Grade C. As always, the Association buys on a competitive basis usually 10 cents over the going packer rate. If you are interested in selling your syrup please contact Moe at 388-4815 as soon as possible.

Updating images—We are getting photos updated. If you haven't sent you photo in yet, please e-mail your image to rainvb@wcvt.com or Heather Seeley at hseeley@sover.net. Make sure you give us the town where your sugarhouse is located.

many hands

Maplerama Addison County Edition

The 2011 edition of Maplerama will be held in Addison County. Sheila Masterson will Chair the Maplerama Planning Committee. If you are interested in serving on the Maplerama committee, have some ideas, or would like to have a tour at your sugarhouse please contact Sheila at 453-7155 or jsmasterson@gmavt.net. The first meeting was held on Tuesday evening at Field Days. A date for Maplerama 2011 will be confirmed shortly. There are a variety of "jobs" that will need folks to participate.


Maplerama 2010

The 2010 edition of Maplerama will be held in Washington County. July 30-31. It's not too late to sign up if you are interested in attending, For more information visit: http://vermontmaple.org/files/vermont-maplerama-2010.pdf