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2012 Vermont Maple Conference

January 14, Middlebury Union High School

Middlebury, VT

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7:30-8:30Registration — Free Coffee and Donuts
8:30-9:15Welcome (in Auditorium)
9:30-10:45Session I
11:00-12:15Session II
12:15-1:30Lunch and Trade Show
1:30-2:45Session III
3:00-4:15Session IV
4:15Have a safe trip home

The Beginning Sugarmaker
Bill Scott, FFA Instructor Emeritus leads 2 sessions—from the tree to the sugarhouse and from the sugarhouse to the can. Attendees of the second session will also learn about good quality control measures and what's good and bad finished product.

Not In Our Backyard!
Woodland pests are coming closer and closer to Vermont and our sugar maples! Learn what signs to look for, how to manage your woods to reduce exposure and what do to when you see pests in your woods.

Sugarhouse Inspections & Food Safety Issues
Selling to major markets or just want to be ready for the future wave of regulations and guideline? Henry Marckres, Agency of Agriculture Division of Food Safety and Consumer Protection will explore what you may need to do to make your sugarhouse and operation ready for the next steps.

Tap Hole Study
Dr Tim Perkins from the UVM Proctor Maple Research Center will be presenting his findings from his tubing tap hole closure study.

No Vacuum Pump? No problem
Tim Wilmot explains how you can get high vacuum in your tubing without the use of a vacuum pump. Whether a beginner or veteran sugarmaker, these techniques are useable in any woods.

Single or Double Tap per Tree?
Tim Wilmot explores whether or not 2 taps in each tree produces more sap than one tap.

Filtering is extremely important throughout the sugaring process. Whether filtering sap or syrup learn what you need to do to make the highest quality final product for the customer.

"Game of Logging"
Woods safety is no game—each year on average 2 sugarmakers are killed in accidents in the woods, these accidents do not need to happen. Northeast Woodlands Training, Inc. will instruct participants how to look and assess the dangers and hazards in the woods.

Spouts and Tapping
Deciding the best time to tap your woods and the type of spouts to use is a challenge. Glen Goodrich, of Cabot, will spend this session discussing his experience with a variety of products and time of tapping.

Got Visitors?
As sugaring becomes more of an interest to the general public, we have more visitors in our sugarhouses. While we want to share the sugaring experience, these visitors are often in the way and cause distractions. George Cook, UVM Extension Service will help you plan for visitors to heighten their experience and yours.

Woods Management
This roundtable of sugarmakers and foresters will discuss road making, tree selection and cutting, and planning how to get the best from your woods.

Land Use/Current Use
Land Use planning and forest management plans are important to sugarmakers. Discover how to work with your forester and write the best plan for your operation. Chris Olson, Addison County Forester for the VT Dept. of Forest and Parks is scheduled to lead this discussion.

Marketing Your Products
Judy MacIsaac, owner of Harvest Limited, a Waitsfield based firm that specializes in the sales and marketing of specialty and organic food, will speak to techniques, strategies and experiences in successfully selling a wide variety of maple products including value added products through the web and a print catalog.

Modern Vacuum Systems
As technology changes, most vacuum systems are not as current as they once were. Presenters will show the most modern technology and best practices of installation and operation of a modern vacuum system.

R/O Systems
The cost benefits of a reverse osmosis machine are clear but which one is best for you? And once it's purchased how do you use it effectively? Learn how to choose, install, operate and care for the equipment.

Download 2012 Registration Form