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Addison County Maple Sugarmakers Association

Annual Meeting

February 9, 2012, American Legion

Draft Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 6:45
80 Members in attendance

The slate of officers were presented as Moe Rheaume, President, Andy Hutchison, Vice President and Barbara Rainville, Secretary/Treasurer. Directors presented Bill Scott and Bob LaDuc to serve 3 year terms. Dave Wetmore made the motion to elect the slate as presented, seconded Don Dolliver. Officers and directors elected unanimously. A special thank-you to Dave Wetmore for his years to service to the Association.

Don Dolliver gave an overview of the activities of VMSMA.

  • Regulatory Issues—if sugarmakers have fuel tanks that hold a total of 1320 gal. the Agency of Natural Resources is enforcing Federal spill containment regulations. Contact ANR or VMSMA for more information.
  • Voluntary Certification—a movement continues toward certification of sugaring operations that especially do bulk sales. There will be a fee charged for the inspections. The proposed criteria can be read on the VMSMA website. www.vtmaple.org
  • R/O water must be treated before disposal. Guidelines can be found by clicking on this link

Given the great response and interest of the "Game of Logging" shown at Maple School last month, the Association has decided sponsor full day training in late summer or early fall. A signup sheet was passed around for those that might be interested in taking the class. After sugaring, the directors will pinpoint dates and locations.

VPT will be cooking with maple again this year and Bruce Martell, Betty Ann and Don Lockhart and Barb Rainville attended an organizational meeting at VPT in January. Addison County was asked to supply 60 8-oz containers of maple cream and hand painted magnets from Pat Rainville. Dave Wetmore has agreed to do the cream. Both he and Pat will be reimbursed, by the Association, for their donations.

The Association has been asked to support ACORN by placing an ad in their publication. This was approved.

On February 25th, Addison County Sugarmakers will be sponsoring a ski area event at the Snow Bowl. Moe Rheaume will be getting the mobile sugarhouse.

Beanie Masterson reported on the Big E last September. About 4 tons of candy and cream and 2700 pounds of cotton candy were used. If you are interested in working or selling syrup, this year please contact Beanie at 453-7155.

A new floor needs to be installed at the Sugarhouse this year. John Seeley volunteered the use of his skid steer to help remove the asphalt. Steve Willsey volunteered to head up the project. The desire is to replace the floor with concrete and include floor drains and possibly curtain drains. Other suggested upgrades were a new larger hot water heater, sink and faucet, possibly purchasing a new ice cream freezer and display case. It was also suggested to have more photographs posted of county sugarmakers. Heather Seely volunteered to work on this project.

A moment of silence was given for Marilyn Melandy and Don Dolliver, Sr. The Association morns the loss of our good friends.

VMSMA is reminding folks about the opportunity to be a Maple Ambassador—formerly Maple King and Queens. Application is available on the Maple Festivals website. http://www.vtmaplefestival.org/.

Ken Button, a member of the Board of Directors for Field Days, gave a brief summary of the goings-on at Field Days. Ken reported Field Days invested $150,000 into the bathroom, drilled a well about 4 years ago for about $82,000 (State regulations caused a huge jump in the expense), constructed Water St behind the Sugarhouse and borrowed money in 2008 to cover expenses (that year it rained everyday of the Fair). The Directors hope to build new bathrooms near the Dusty Chuck. They have secured a grant from the State for $25,000 and need a match. The Gala, scheduled for March 3rd generally raises about $20,000. Sheila Masterson made the motion to donate $5,000 to Field Days to help with their match. Seconded by Bill Scott. No discussion. Motion passed unanimously.

The position of Field Days manager was discussed. Barb agreed to do the position again this year. Volunteers were solicited as well, Beachie Williams and Kathleen Norris spoke to Barb after the meeting with an interest in helping out.

The sugarmakers have been invited to participate in 2 events this summer. The first is the Lake Champlain Bridge Celebration—May 19-20. www.champlainbridgecommunity.org The second is French Heritage Day—July 14th. (contact the Addison County Chamber) The Association will not be participating but anyone that would like to do the events can do so with the use of mobile sugarhouse if it is asked for soon enough.

Door prizes were handed out and the meeting was adjourned at 9:30 pm

Respectively submitted,
Barbara Rainville