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Officers and Directors


Moe Rheaume, President
Rheaume & Sons
393 Blake Roy Rd.
Middlebury, VT 05753
388-3009 (w), 388-4815 (h)

Andy Hutchison, Vice-Pres.
Mt. Pleasant Sugarworks
1627 Shackett Rd.
Leicester, VT 05733

Barbara Rainville, Sec/Treas.
Airy Glen Sugarworks
598 Browns Road
Lincoln, VT 05443
453-5797 (h), 388-0627 (w)


Mike Christian '11
Village Sugarworks
505 Main St.
Orwell, VT 05403

Don Dolliver '10
Brown Hill Sugarworks
1027 Big Hollow Rd.
Starksboro, VT 05487

Don Gale '11
Twin Maple Sugarworks
88 W River Rd.
Lincoln, VT 05443

Gerald Masterson '10
282 Masterson Road
Lincoln, VT 05443

Bill Scott '12
170 Green Street Vergennes, VT 05491

Dave Wetmore '12
Traditionally Vermont Maple
2757 S. Lincoln Rd.
Lincoln, VT 05443

State Director

Don Dolliver '10
Brown Hill Sugarworks
1027 Big Hollow Rd.
Starksboro, VT 05487

David Folino '10
Hillsboro Sugarworks
270 Rounds Road
Bristol, VT 05443

2010 January Maple School

Sponsored by Addison County Sugarmakers Association
at Middlebury Union High School
Court Street, Middlebury
Saturday, January 16, 2010

7:30-8:30Registration; Coffee and Donuts
8:30-9:00Welcome (in Auditorium)
9:30-10:45Session I
11:00-12:15Session II
12:15-1:30Lunch and Trade Show
1:30-2:45Session III
3:00-4:15Session IV
4:15Door Prize Drawings


Spout Update
Dr. Tim Perkins, from the Proctor Maple Research Center will be presenting his research and experimentation on the new check valve spout. Dr Perkins will also touch on understanding sap flow.

Cooking With Maple
Brandon's Café Provence Chefs Robert and Laura will be demonstrating how cooking with maple syrup can be more than just baked beans and maple bread.

The Beginning Sugarmaker
Bill Scott, FFA Instructor Emeritus leads 2 sessions—from the tree to the sugarhouse and from the sugarhouse to the can. Attendees of the second session will also learn about good quality control measures and what's good and bad finished product.

Modern Tubing and Sap Collection
Canada's Jean Francois Goulet presents effective techniques for getting the sap from the tree to the sugarhouse or gathering tank using the most modern equipment.

Electric Costs Hurting Your Bottom Line?
Jenn Osgood from Efficiency VT and Brenda Spafford from CVPS helps sugarmakers determine the best, most efficient way to electrify your operation without breaking the bank.

Not In Our Backyard!
Massachusetts' sugarmaker Tom McCrumb, South Face Farm, Ashfield, MA will speak to the devastation that the Asian Longhorned Beetle has caused in his state, how to identify it and steps that have been taking to protect against it.

Modern Technology and It's Effects on Quality and Flavor
Quebec Maple Industry expert, Joel Boutin confronts the ideas of modern technology on quality and flavor. Does a high concentration or other processing give the same quality and flavor that we expect from maple syrup?

Boiling 101
Brad Gillilian from Leader Evaporator presents the basics of boiling whether in your backyard sugarhouse or in a 10,000 tap operation.

So You Want To Use an RO
Brian Stowe, Proctor Maple Research Center, explores the use of an RO from soup to nuts. Purchasing, installation, operation, and care.

Filtering Confusion?
Proctor Maple Research Center's Mark Isselhardt discusses the nature of filtration and how to select, operate, and take care of your filter press investment.

Evaporators and the Environment
Rejean Laverdiere the designer and engineer behind the new Lapierre Force Five evaporator will discuss the evaporator, it's effects on the energy usage and the environment.

Get The Most Out of Your Tubing
While tubing looks easy there is a right and a wrong way. Learn from Glen Goodrich, of Cabot, Vermont, the techniques in setting up a solid, workable mainline, creating drops, vacuum and plotting out the line next line throughout the woods.

USDA Grants
Catherine Stevens, Vermont Maple Syrup Marketing Director, helps sugarmakers work their way through the Rural Energy for America Program and Grant (USDA Rural Development). These grants may help in the purchase of new sugaring equipment. Visit http://www.rurdev.usda.gov/vt/ under business programs "Rural Energy for America Program" or call 800-670-6553 for more information. Bring the forms with you!

Lunch will be a hearty pork roast dinner, with all the fixings.

Download Registration Form

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Medium AmberBourdeau Bros.
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